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Bai, Huidong

Bai, Huidong
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Phone or fax: 364 2987ex3070
Location: Room 107, Old Maths Building

Personal Information:

Position: PhD Student

Huidong completed his Master’s degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2010, and is currently working toward his PhD at HIT Lab NZ, the University of Canterbury.

His research interests include Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interaction, specifically the implementation and the application of Augmented Reality on mobile devices, and 3D interaction techniques for Augmented Reality. He firmly believes that Augmented Reality techniques would become an important part of the future life.

In his spare time, Huidong loves listening to New Age music, chatting online with old friends, occasionally playing table tennis and video games, also hiking sometimes.


  • Bai, H., Gao, L., El-Sana, J. & Billinghurst, M (2013). Free-Hand Interaction for Handheld Augmented Reality using an RGB-Depth Camera. In SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013.[More]
  • Lee, G., Bai, H. & Billinghurst, M (2012). Automatic Zooming Interface for Tangible Augmented Reality Applications. In of the 11th International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry, pages 9-12. New York, NY, USA : ACM.[More]
  • Bai, H., Lee, G. & Billinghurst, M (2012). Freeze View Touch and Finger Gesture based Interaction Methods for Handheld Augmented Reality Interfaces. In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand, pages 126-131. New York, NY, USA : ACM.[More]

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