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Hornecker, Eva

Hornecker, Eva
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Dr Hornecker’s main research interest is in Tangible Interaction Design or, more broadly, ‘Beyond the Desktop’ Interaction Design and in User-Centered Design. Her PhD was conducted at the University of Bremen, Germany, about 'tangible interfaces as medium for collaboration-support'. She has also done research on ethics and professional responsibility in IT.

Previously she was an acting assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Technology (2003-2004), where she was teaching in Media-Informatics. In 2005 she was a visiting research fellow at the Interact Lab, University of Sussex in the UK, employed on the British EPSRC Equator project.


  • Hornecker, E. & Dünser, A. (2009). Of Pages and Paddles: Children’s Expectations and Mistaken Interactions with Physical-Digital Tools. Interacting with Computers, 21(1-2), 95-107.[More]
  • Dünser, A. & Hornecker, E (2007). Lessons from an AR book study. In 1st International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI 2007), pages 179-182. ACM.[More]
  • Dünser, A. & Hornecker, E (2007). An Observational Study of Children Interacting with an Augmented Story Book. In 2nd International Conference of E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2007), pages 305-315. Springer.[More]
  • Hornecker, E. & Dünser, A (2007). Supporting Early Literacy with Augmented Books – Experiences with an Exploratory Study. In German Society of Informatics annual conference GI-Jahrestagung 2007.[More]
  • Hornecker, E. & Stifter, M (2006). Learning from Interactive Museum Installations About Interaction Design for Public Settings. In 18th Australia conference on Computer-Human Interaction: Design: Activities, Artefacts and Environments, pages 135-142. ACM.[More]

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