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Knecht, Martin

Knecht, Martin

Martin started his PhD at the Vienna University of Technology in 2009. During his stay at the HIT Lab NZ, he will do research in the area of interaction and perception related to augmented reality.

His main research focus is to simulate the mutual light interaction between real and virtual objects in augmented reality applications. After he received a MS in Computergraphics and Algorithms from the Vienna University of Technology and finished the studies in Computer Science Management he started to work as a research assistant on the RESHADE project.

In his spare time Martin enjoys to do slacklining, running and flying stunt kites. Furthermore he likes to travel around and having fun with friends."


  • Knecht, M., Dünser, A., Traxler, C., Wimmer, M. & Grasset, R (2011). A Framework for Perceptual Studies in Photorealistic Augmented Reality. In 3rd IEEE VR 2011 Workshop on Perceptual Illusions in Virtual Environment (PIVE 2011), pages 27-32. IEEE.[More]

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