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Development of a LEGO Minifigure Taxonomy

Research Area: Interaction Design
Status: In progress  
Project leaders: Bartneck, Christoph Collaborators:
In cooperation with University of Canterbury
Proposed start date: 2011-11-01 Proposed end date: 2012-02-22
Funded by: University of Canterbury
Funding: 5000.00 NZD
Funding: 5000.00 NZD

The toy company LEGO released over 3600 Minifigures in the past years. We created a database of all Minifigures that features detailed photographs. We now intend to develop a taxonomy that will allow users to identify their Minifigures. The final software will ask the users a serious of questions, such as “What is the color of the left leg?” Based on the answers, the software will propose new questions until the Minifigure is identified. The existing database does contain a number of features of the Minifigures, but additional feature extraction is necessary. This can be done through automatice image analysis or through the use of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. The resulting software will be integrated into an iOS application that will be released by early 2012.

The student will gain insights into different algorithms for evaluating the quality of decision trees and will get hands on experience in strategies for extracting features from a set of images. The students may also participate in the development of the iOS application and hence become familiar with this software platform.

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