Adrian Clark

Adrian Clark

Research Scientist

Email: Location: John Britten building

Personal Information:

Adrian is a Post Doctoral Fellow working on the “Accessible AR for Everyday Devices” project, researching human computer interaction using computer vision techniques. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at the HIT Lab NZ in 2009, where he developed a robust natural feature registration framework called OPIRA Optical-flow Perspective Invariant Registration Augmentation.

Adrian’s research interests include Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He also enjoys teaching, and has tutored a range of Computer Science courses ranging from Introduction to Programming, to Networking, to Advanced Algorithms and Artifical Intelligence.

Adrian was born in Christchurch, but spent his childhood in Papua New Guinea. He is a keen sportsman, and is particularly fond of indoor netball, karate and sea kayaking. He also enjoys trying all things motorsport, be it cars, motorbikes, jetskis, or gas powered skateboards.