Alaeddin Nassani

Alaeddin Nassani

PhD Student

Personal Information:
Position: PhD Student
Alaeddin Nassani is preparing to start a PhD at the HITLAB, and his research interests are augmented reality, human computer interaction (HCI), computer vision and mobile development. Currently he is a part time intern student in HITLAB and a fulltime software developer at Hewlett Packard.

Alaeddin finished his bachelor degree in computer engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2004. He has completed his master in information security at the University of Liverpool in 2007.

Before moving to NZ, Alaeddin was living in Cyprus and working as a Professional Services Consultant in NCR Corporation, where he developed software targeted for automated teller machines (ATM) and financial institutions.

In 2011, he volunteered to work on HITLAB’s ongoing project, CityViewAR.

In his spare time, Alaeddin enjoys playing tennis and swimming.

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