Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker

IT Manager

Location: John Britten building

Greg is the on-staff IT specialist within the lab and is also an active researcher. His research interests include understanding user creativity, and developing models to analyze the appropriation of IT systems.

One primary focus of his research is examining how dual process theories of cognition and other sophisticated models of the human reasoning system can be applied to the understanding of user behavior. Another focus is on how the theory of distributed cognition can be used to extend these understandings to the actions of collective user groups and the complex social processes involved in real-world IT appropriation.

Before coming to New Zealand, Greg worked at the University of the West Indies, and the Mona School of Business and Management. His background is in Information Systems and Psychology.


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  • Baker, G., Cragg, P., Bartneck, C. & Seidel, S (2013). End User Creativity: A Critical Realist Perspective. In 4th annual New Zealand Information Systems Doctoral Consortium (NZISDC). University of Auckland.