Gun Lee

Gun Lee

Adjunct Fellow
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Gun is a Research Scientist investigating interaction and visualization methods for AR and immersive 3D environments. He has been leading the CityViewAR project, developing a mobile application software which shows geo-spatial information through AR visualization. Using this software on a mobile device, users can see virtual 3D models of demolished buildings on-site, as if they are still standing there, at the city of Christchurch affected by the earthquakes. Currently, he is leading mobile and wearable AR research projects at the lab.Before joining the HIT Lab NZ, he had been working at Electronics and Telecommunications Institute (ETRI, Korea) as a researcher where he developed VR and AR systems for industrial applications, including Multi-projection based Hemispherical Display for reviewing car interior design, Virtual training systems for paint spraying and welding, Mixed reality based spatial planning system, and interactive visualization software for multi-view autostereosopic 3D displays.

He received BS degree in Computer Science from Kyungpook National University (Korea), and completed his Masters and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH (Korea), while investigating immersive authoring method for creating VR and AR contents using 3D user interfaces.