Harish Mandalika

Harish Mandalika

PhD Student

Harish completed his Bachelors degree in Information Technology from India and later completed his Masters degree in Advanced Computing Science at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, where he developed a software for real-time 3D volume drilling using CUDA. He then worked as an Intern at NVIDIA, London for one year. Currently, at the HIT Lab NZ, he works on 3D visualization software for the MARS-CT project. He is mainly interested in computer graphics, programming and CUDA.

His hobbies include learning new software development technologies, playing computer games, watching movies and listening to music.


Aamir, R., Chernoglazov, A., Bateman, C. J., Butler, A., Butler, P. H., Anderson, N. G. et al. (2014). MARS spectral molecular imaging of lamb tissue: data collection and image analysis., 9, P02005.