Hyungon Kim

Hyungon Kim

PhD Student

Email: hyungon.kim@pg.canterbury.ac.nz
Location: Room 125
Personal Information:
Position: PhD Student
Hyungon Kim is a doctoral candidate and his research interests are Virtual Environment, Human Computer Interface, Haptics, Parallel & GPU Computing, Computer Languages, and Mobile Computing & Interaction.

Hyungon Kim studied Computer Science at the university of Dongguk in Korea until 2007, and completed his master of Mechatronics at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in 2009. During his master, he developed a novel algorithm in order to assign haptic properties on 3D virtual objects. After his master, he worked in Korean Telecommunication(KT) and Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute(ETRI) by 2012. When he was in ETRI, he researched 3D motion interaction, GPU computing with CUDA, Image processing, haptics, and so on.

In his spare time, Hyungon likes watching movies, scuba diving in summer, snowboarding in winter, and traveling in New Zealand.

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Kim, H., Lee, G. & Billinghurst, M (2013). Adaptive Interpupillary Distance Adjustment for Stereoscopic 3D Visualization. In CHINZ 2013.[More]