Rory Clifford

Rory Clifford

PhD Student

Rory’s academic interests are Natural User Interfaces with touch and non-touch gesture Technology, Virtual Reality for Realistic Training Simulations and Entertainment, Augmented Reality, Usability Engineering, Information Visualisation, Specialised Computer Systems, Embedded systems and other Human Interface Technologies.

Rory is passionate about creating ultra-realistic and immersive experiences using Visual, Audible and haptic systems. He is also passionate about breaking down the barriers between humans and computers using the latest technology. He is a strong believer in helping people and communities develop with current and emerging technologies towards a better future.

Feel free to approach him for advice on building complex systems that require in-depth thought or for difficult problems that require a holistic and pragmatic approach.


  • Piumsomboon, T., Clifford, R. & Bartneck, C (2012). Demonstrating Maori Haka with kinect and nao robots. In ACM/IEEE international conference on Human-Robot Interaction, pages 429-430. Boston : ACM.
  • Clifford, R., Clark, A. & Rogozin, M (2011). Using Augmented Reality for Rapid Prototyping and Collaborative Design to Model 3D Buildings. In 12th Annual SIGCHI-NZ Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CHINZ 2011), pages 117-120. ACM.


  • Development of a virtual reality based earthquake simulator