Susanne Niehaus

Susanne Niehaus


University of Osnabrück, Germany

In my three month internship I will focus on Interactive Storytelling in Virtual Realtiy. I will create a story line that can be used to design a non-linear game. I hope to look into the projects of others to gain knowledge in research processes as well as human interaction technology.

Ever since I was in New Zeland in 2010 I wanted to come back to the beautiful landscapes and the friendly people. I am in my undergraduate program at the University of Osnabrück which allows me to include an internship abroad and I was lucky to get a scholarship to come here. The range of disciplines and diversity of projects of the HitLab fascinated me.

For my professional life, my goal is to be able to combine my creativity with a future- oriented work that has an impact on daily life.

After my internship I will travel around New Zealand for five weeks and I will hopefully manage to see some of the surrounding areas before.