Zoe Platt-Young

Zoe Platt-Young

Masters Student

Zoe gained a Bachelor of Design Innovation from Victoria University of Wellington in 2012.

Following this, she worked in a number of design contexts in New Zealand and Australia. Eventually wanting to develop knowledge in website and application design and responsive design to support an increasing variety of projects, she took a part time class in introductory HTML and CSS on top of fulltime employment, during which an interest in user experience research and design was cultivated.

After a stint working in the Australian Outback within an education environment, the potential of technology to assist with learning outcomes and engagement, among many other applications, inspired a return to NZ to study at the HIT Lab to further develop research and user experience skills.

Personal interests include the New Zealand and Australian start-up community, co-working, illustration, graphic design, arts volunteering, travel, literature, and running (especially if it involves coastal tracks).