How can you effectively communicate risks using emerging technologies


My project aims to look into Disaster Risk Preparedness from a Risk Communication perspective. The main objective of the research is to use tools such as Augmented Reality and AI to design a game-based solution for the indigenous communities of Pakistan and New Zealand. The main question that I aim to answer through my research is: How can you effectively communicate risks using emerging technologies for people to be better prepared for disasters?


Misha Mirza

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  1. To investigate the effectiveness of a serious game for Disaster Risk Preparedness 
  2. To understand how people across different cultures approach mutual risks and exclusive risks
  3. To understand human behaviour in disasters through social media analysis


The technophiles of the indigenous communities

Project execution

Use Python for the analysis of social media and Augmented reality game prototypes to understand the effectiveness of a serious game.


Covid’19 has been the biggest challenge that I am currently facing. Due to lockdown restrictions and safety protocols, in-person interviews of the high officials have not been possible.¬†


The intended outcome of the project is the formulate a risk communication strategy using augmented reality as a tool for education/preparedness.