Congratulations to our latest MHIT graduate

The HIT Lab New Zealand would like to congratulate Yue Xiang on the successful completion of her Master of Human Interface Technology. Yue, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope that you will continue to keep in contact with the HIT Lab NZ.

Yue Xiang

Research Area
Augmented Reality

Thesis Title
An Augmented Reality Interface for Supporting Remote Insurance Claim Assessment

Christoph Bartneck

Gun Lee
Mark Billinghurst

In past few years Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been applied to many industries and proved successful in facilitating the expansion of businesses. This thesis focuses on exploring how AR-based remote collaboration can be used for supporting insurance claim processes. Previous research on remote collaboration and video conferencing have been reviewed. Following an interface design procedure, the initial system components were designed and a remote assessment prototype was developed. It could especially facilitate the claim assessment timing and help to improve the communication between users. As a part of the prototype interface, the orientation compass plays a significant role in decreasing disorientation in remote perception. A formal user study was conducted to evaluate two different designs of 3D compass. The results of the user study show that the World-fixed compass has the best overall performance compared to the User-fixed compass or Without-orientation compass.

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