HIT Lab NZ Participates in the EPIC Project


We are happy to announce that the HIT Lab NZ has joined the EPIC Project. Australia, Singapore and New Zealand are traditionally strong economic partners for Europe. The European-Pacific Partnership for ICT collaboration in research, develop-ment and innovation (“EPIC”) aims to strengthen the ties between these regions through academic, industrial, and political partnerships.

  • The EPIC event series aims at bringing together experts in selected, innova-tive ICT topics to discuss current trends and challenges, future research direc-tions, innovation potential and strategic directions.
  • EPIC supports the building of transnational collaboration in ICT at the level of researchers, innovators and at the policy level.
  • EPIC will support experts from industry and academia from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in establishing long-term partnerships.
  • EPIC will help to support and exploit technology and research policies to build and sustain long-term partnerships between all participating regions.