Human Augmentation for Engagement and Feedback in Sports

Kai Kunze | Rado Dukalski, Arend Schwab, Frances Brazier | Peter Beek

Keio University, Japan Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | VU Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017 – Present

As a kid, did you ever dream of having extra senses such as x-ray vision, enhancing your body by adding additional limbs such as a third arm or playing with invisible characters on a playing field? Humans can be very creative in their ways to play and be physically active. This project aims to use digital technology for human augmentation to enhance an athlete’s senses, to extend an athlete’s body, augment the sports field, or create new sports that make athletes experience new capabilities, engage them in physical activities or provide them with feedback to reach their optimal performance. This projects aims to identify design guidelines and design methods to support the design of human augmentation for engagement and feedback in physical activities.

Key Publications to date:

Dukalski, R.; Lukosch, S.; Schwab, A.; Beek, P. J. & Brazier, F. M., Exploring the Effect of Pacing Plan Feedback for Professional Road Cycling, Proceedings of the 13th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA), 2020

Kunze, K. & Lukosch, S., Superhuman Sports — A Testing Ground for Augmenting Our Senses, XRDS, ACM, 2019, 25, 38-43

Miedema, N. A.; Vermeer, J.; Lukosch, S. & Bidarra, R., Superhuman sports in mixed reality: the multi-player game League of Lasers, 2019 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 2019, 1819-1825

Kunze, K.; Minamizawa, K.; Lukosch, S.; Inami, M. & Rekimoto, J., Superhuman Sports: Applying Human Augmentation to Physical Exercise, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2017, 16, 14-17