Mobile location-based games for social interaction

Xavier Fonseca | Geertje Slingerland | Tina Comes | Frances Brazier

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands 

2016 – Present

Mobile location-based games have shown to be effective in promoting citizen engagement and social interaction. The reasons for their success are, however, unknown. This projects aims to identify design guidelines and design methods to support the design of location-based games for social interaction.

Key Publications to date:

Slingerland, G.; Lukosch, S. & Brazier, F., Engaging Children to Co-create Outdoor Play Activities for Neighbourhood Engagement, Proceedings of the 16th Participatory Design Conference (PDC’20), 2020

Slingerland, G.; Lukosch, S.; Comes, T. & Brazier, F., Exploring design guidelines for fostering citizen engagement through information sharing: Local playgrounds in The Hague, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Serious Games, 2020

Fonseca, X.; Lukosch, S. & Brazier, F., Brooks, A. L.; Brooks, E. & Sylla, C. (Eds.), Fostering Social Interaction in Playful Cities, Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation, Springer International Publishing, 2019, 286-295

Fonseca, X.; Lukosch, S. & Brazier, F., Social Cohesion Revisited: A New Definition and How to Characterize It, Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research (CIEJ), 2018, 1-23