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Lee, Hyeongmook

Lee, Hyeongmook

Hyeongmook is a research associate from GIST U-VR Lab, Korea, where he is a Masters student. He is currently involved in a CTI (Culture Technology Institute) project that focuses on making an authoring toolkit for DigilogBook (Digilog meaning the combination of digital and analog). The toolkit is called ARtalet (the combination of the words of AR, tale, and toolkit).

His research area is Virtual Object Composition for AR content. At the HIT Lab, Hyeongmook will develop physical/explicit composition methods with tangible objects as an initial prototype. His ultimate goal is to develop natural and novel object composition methodologies including logical/implicit concepts. Also, his interests include HCI, AR interaction, tangible user interfaces, edutainment, and culture technology.

Hyeongmook loves all sorts of activities, such as any ball sports, meeting new people, experiencing new food and places, climbing mountains, singing songs, watching movies and so on. He strongly believes these kinds of experiences not only inspire his research field, but are also helpful to enhance his life.


  • Lee, H., Billinghurst, M. & Woo, W. (2010). Two-handed tangible interaction techniques for composing augmented blocks. Virtual Reality, 1-14.[More]

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