The HIT Lab NZ / Hangarau Tangata, Tangata Hangarau is a dynamic, international, multidisciplinary environment, bringing together people with varying viewpoints to design new ways of supporting people in their everyday lives, be it at work, play, or school. We take a human-centred approach, starting by considering the people we are looking to support (e.g., young, old, skilled, unskilled), the tasks they need help with (e.g., repairing a device, visualizing a new house), and the environment they will be in (e.g., at work, in the home, visiting a museum), then designing solutions within these constraints using appropriate advanced technologies.

We hope to provide a welcoming space for people from a wide breadth of areas pertaining to the human condition, such as technical, design, artistic, and psychological. When in doubt, contact us! We’re always looking for innovative thinkers!

We are located at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Values Statement

The people at the HIT Lab NZ strive to cultivate an open, safe and supportive environment that values creativity, diversity, integrity and collaboration in the pursuit of bettering the world through knowledge creation and dissemination.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and empower people through the study, invention, development and dissemination of knowledge, technologies and processes that solve real-world problems and have positive global impact.

We aspire to this by

  • Providing multi-disciplinary, project-based learning experiences for students
  • Maintaining a world-class centre of excellence for human interface technology research
  • Developing and transitioning to industry leading-edge human-computer interfaces to accelerate economic development in Aotearoa New Zealand

Vision Statement

The HIT Lab NZ will become the recognized world leader in virtual and augmented reality research, while also supporting research excellence in computer visualization and human-robot interaction.


By Air

The closest airport is Christchurch International Airport.

See below for information about reaching the lab via car or bus. You can also get a taxi directly to the lab for approximately 20 dollars.



By Bus

You can easily use the bus network in Christchurch to reach the HIT Lab NZ.

From the airport to the lab is approximately 30 minutes by bus. You will have to pay with cash unless you already have a Metro card. The Purple Line stops at Ilam Road near Montana Avenue; get off and walk to the Lab, which is located at the corner of Creyke and Engineering roads.

From the city centre, the bus ride takes 35-40 minutes.

By Car

For university staff: The best parking is in front of the Erskine building, accessible via Engineering Road off of Creyke Road.

For other visitors: You should park in one of the visitor parking lots. Ask the security office for a coupon. The closest parking is the Engineering Parking Lot. You can simply park and come to the Lab, and we can give you information about the coupon.

By Bike

You can easily bike to the Lab. There are stands for bike parking on both ends of the building. There is also a secure area for students, but you will need your University of Canterbury security card to use this area.


The Lab is easy to find if you come from any extrasolar planet. We are based on the blue planet three out from our sun. If you get to the red one, you’ve gone too far. We are in the middle of New Zealand, which is easily identifiable by its magnificent landscapes and peaceful people. Take care with your UFO when you are landing, as there is a busy road in front of the Building. Don’t forget to ask for a coupon to validate your visitor UFO parking!


+64 3 369-0219


John Britten Building

Corner of Creyke and Engineering Roads

University of Canterbury

Private Bag 4800

Ilam, Christchurch 8140

New Zealand