Realising Imagined Play:

Transforming Everyday Objects into Virtual Tools for Augmented Reality Games, Using Participatory Design Methods

2022 – 2025

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Our work explores the use of everyday objects as interaction devices for augmented reality (AR) games. The main inspiration for this work is the experience of playing make believe with objects, and we aim to realise this experience using AR technology. To capture this imagined play experience we will use participatory design methods to design interactions with everyday objects that are intuitive and immersive. Some prior work has looked at everyday object use in the context of AR, however two things tend to be underexplored in the field: participatory design methods and multimodal interaction. Most prior work has relied on designing interactions for everyday objects, either building interactions that match the objects’ affordances or assigning the virtual function arbitrarily.

The proposed work uses design workshops and elicitations studies, to design an AR game to be explored, and to elicit a set of interactions that will support the use of objects as proxies in the game, respectively. Once the game has been designed the elicited interaction set will be prototyped so that it can be studied in use and compared with more commonly used interactions modalities like dedicated controllers and free-hand gestures.

Researcher and Contact

Mac Greenslade 

Supervisory Team


Research Outputs

Greenslade M, Clark A, and Lukosch S. (2023). Using Everyday Objects as Props for Virtual Objects in First Person Augmented Reality Games: An Elicitation Study. Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. 7, CHI PLAY, Article 406.

Greenslade M, Clark A, and Lukosch S. (2022). User-Defined Interaction Using Everyday Objects for Augmented Reality First Person Action Games. In Proceedings – 2022 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops, VRW 2022: 842-843.


Mac Greenslade

Stephan Lukosch

Adrian Clark

Zhe Chen

Zhe Chen